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I'm an HO guy ... have always been, will always be. My first train set was a Marx set than my parents bought for me for Christmas. It quickly grew from an "around the tree" oval. We found out that Marx track is not compatable with any other track, so a few boxes of Atlas track, along with a pair of turnouts were purchased and the rest, as they say, was history. A small layout was started and a second set (Varney) was added. But that little Marx train kept running. Skip ahead many years ... the NYC caboose suffered a broken truck and was given to a school buddy. The gondola was lost, I really don't know what happened to it. The UP box car was traded to a friend for a PRR box car (I hope he still has it and maybe I can work out a deal to bring it home again.) The NYC GP7 is the only piece of the set that I still have, almost 50 years later. The motor is burned out; that happens when you try to run an HO (half O) scale engine on Lionel track. Nobody told me the difference between AC and DC so I let the magic smoke out of the engine. It now sits in a special place on my shelf, my first HO engine.

Over the years I had tried to replace the set, piece by piece, from train shows. I didn't know about eBay or Yahoo Groups. Just before my Dad died, I found someone on one of the Yahoo Groups that knew what was in some of the Marx sets. I tracked down the last remaining pieces and my Dad got to see his son's first train set run around the Christmas tree. I'm glad he got to see it before he died.

That was my inspiration in starting this web site. I wanted a place that I could go to that would show me with a photo, not just a description, the various Marx equipment. I'm finding that there are some differences that I'd never noticed before ... I didn't know that the bay window cabooses came with or without trim aroung the windows. Without the photos, I wouldn't have known what to look for. I'm still learning.

Your Help:
If you have any photos, how-to's, tips or stories you'd like to share, contact me. Also, if you have any repair shops you'd like to recommend. I want to make this a true "Marx Trains" website.
For information contact Steve at
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