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* All prices listed are estimates. Most of them were taken from one of the Greenberg Pocket Guides and prices that I've seen at train shows and auction sites. This is not a Marx "for sale" site, although I do have an out-of-date section of miscellaneous HO trains to sell.

I am starting to make assumptions on catalog item numbers. Most of the Marx trains, the number on the car or engine is the item number. I've run into the problem that I've got too many variations of that car number to keep it as one item number. The 6028 Erie flat car is a good example. I have photos of it with a boat load, 2 automobiles, 4 automobiles, a tractor trailer, and no load. I have item numbers that describe this type of car load without information on the car itself. So I have decided that Erie flat car number 6028 with the 4 automoblies is item number 6185. Erie flat car number 6028 with 2 automobiles is item number 6129, etc. I will do this until someone can provide me with information stating otherwise.

Most of the information provided on this web site has been provided by three very helpful gentlemen: Steve Rademacher, Steve Navard and Allan Osterud. Without the help from these three, much of this web site would not have been possible. Thanks guys! Also, thanks to the many of you that have provided me with important information.

If you have any photos, how-to's, tips or stories you'd like to share, contact me. I'd also like to gather some info on repair shops that you may want to recommend. I want to make this a true "Marx Trains" website.
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